P2E presented during seminar at Kansas State University, USA

Marta Pogrzeba participated in Hazardous Waste Engineering Seminar: Phytotechnology with Biomass Production, organized at Kansas State University, US, from 9 to 11 January 2018.  During the meeting she presented lecture based on the IETU experiences from European Union funded projects  entitled "Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Land by Energy Crops: Experience from Phyto2Energy and MISCOMAR projects".
During her stay at Kansas State University she also participated in Panel on Research Needs, where disscussion on possible gaps and needs in implementation of phytoremediation on contaminated areas and cooperation between European Union countries and US took place. Preparation of joint research project focusing on phytoremediation of contaminated military sites was discussed.

Meeting was sponsored by NATO project G4687 "New Phytotechnology for Cleaning Contaminated Military Sites", Consortium for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability and Center for Hazardous Substances Research, Kansas State University.