Project Reports

D 1.3 (v.Final) IETU guidance on species selection

Guidance on the opitimal selection for phytoremediation driven energy crop production on HMC sites [PDF]

D 1.4 (v.Final) Vita34 Report on cost effectiveness and environmental benefits

Report on cost effectiveness and environmental benefits of phytoremediation driven energy crops production [PDF]

D 2.2 (vFinal) HMGU Soil Quality Indicator System

Definition of a system of biological indicators to assess soil quality in contaminated soils after phytoremediation [PDF]

D 3.2 (v Final) SUT Report and guidance of the gasification process

Report on biomass gasification and guidance on the gasification process operations improvement for utilization of HMC biomass [PDF]

D 4.5 (v.1)_IETU_Technical Seminar_Presentations

1.Introduction to the Phyto2Energy project 2.Possibility of using energy crops for phytoremediation of heavy metals contaminated lands – three years experiences 3.Technical and economic aspects of field demonstration 4.The new bioinoculum: some aspects of development and evaluation - dr Szymon Powałowski, Probiotics Polska 5.Microbial response to heavy metals in rhizocompartments of Miscanthus x giganteus 6.Gasification process improvements, management and dissemination aspects 7.Lab test and FTIR analysis 8.TG analysis 9.Fixed bed gasification and CBA (including environmental analysis) [PDF]

D 4.6 Resume e-Book

D 4.6 Resume e-Book [PDF]